March 5, 2012
On the efficacy of debating with you online

Hi. We disagree. And you want to drag out this disagreement. Normally, I’d say that is fine. But not online. Hey, that rhymes! Why? There are a lot of reasons I am not going to debate with you online.

The main reason is because I don’t find any value in it.

The tone is generally terrible. Even if you are trying to have a positive tone, it might come off wrong. But more likely, you are one of the millions of people that has realized how to wield sarcasm and irony through the written word, and flail it like a broadsword rather than a scalpel. These tones represent our closure to the field of new ideas, and they help shut other people down. But even when they aren’t our tones, we have become so used to reading ‘snark’ on the internet, that we often read everything or anything as snark. But not everything is snark. Some shit is genuine and straightforward, or subtle and comes out of a place of respect. So you might read me wrong. So I don’t want to argue with you online.

Another reason: I don’t have the internet at home. No, it is not because I’m even too-cooler than those too cool young adults who are so rad that they don’t own a TV. It’s because I can’t afford the internet at home. And I am incapable of getting an office job where I sit online all day. Maybe you can afford the internet. I’m not going to shit on you for that. No value judgment will be made. But I don’t have ready access to it. So I’d rather use it for organizing, learning, or keeping in touch with loved ones than drawing out flame wars and feeding trolls and being one myself.

Please, don’t feel any disrespect. The internet is not my main plane of existence. I’m not assuming it’s yours, I’m just mentioning it isn’t mine. Maybe we’ll meet someday and we can discuss person-to-person over tea or rum why we so disagree on that. But please, over some means that is healthier than the internet.

Take care.

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